Machiko Stone and Christian Martyr MonumentImage
Machiko Stone and Christian Martyr MonumentImage
Machiko Stone and Christian Martyr MonumentImage
Machiko Stone and Christian Martyr MonumentImage

Unzen became famous due to the movie "Your Name"

Machiko Stone and Christian Martyr Monument


Walk downhill from the observation point and take in the view of Kinugasayama. On your right, you will see a plaque embedded in a boulder. This is Machiko-iwa, or the Machiko Stone.
 This boulder was the setting for a memorable scene in the 1954 film “Kimi no Na Wa,” or “What is your name?” The film and its female lead, Machiko, became so famous that Unzen saw a sudden increase in tourists, all of whom sought the beautiful winter landscape that they had seen in the film. The actress who played Machiko, Keiko Kishi, was even invited to the ceremony commemorating the stone she made famous.
 Behind Machiko-iwa is a different sort of monument: a cross that marks the Christian Martyrs’ Memorial. As described earlier, Christianity was widespread in Unzen during the late 1500s and early 1600s. However, beginning in the second half of the seventh century, Christians were brutally persecuted by the Tokugawa Shogunate, and many were tortured in the boiling water of the Unzen jigoku to force them to abandon their faith. This monument commemorates their sacrifice.

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