Sparrow hellImage
 Sparrow hellImage

The fight over the white sparrow

Sparrow hell

Nagasaki Unzen

Follow the path back toward the main road. If you listen closely on your left, you may hear a small buzzing or popping noise. That is the sound of the small Suzume Jigoku, or Sparrow Hell, whose escaping steam is said to sound like the chirping of small birds.
 There is a story behind this name. It is said that in the 1570s, one of the young monks training at a temple in Unzen had a prized white sparrow. He refused to share the company of his sparrow with some other monks on the mountain and was killed in the resulting fight. This sparked an even wider battle among the monks studying at Unzen that ended in the destruction of many of the temples. In the chaos, the prized sparrow fell into this jigoku, which takes its name from the bird.

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The Unzen Oyama Information Center

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The Unzen Oyama Information Center is a facility that provides a wide range of information about the attractions of Unzen, including natural information, historical introductions, and exhibits on hot springs. We have the latest information to help you enjoy and appreciate Unzen more deeply, so please stop by here when you arrive in Unzen. Let's obtain the necessary information about nature, history, mountain climbing, transportation, and embark on a fun fieldwork. Please be sure to experience and enjoy the deep nature and history of Unzen!

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