Small, small, little.


Nagasaki Unzen

If you are visiting in late June, you will likely see the Sea Bilberry (Vaccinium bracteatum) in full bloom, covered in rows of tiny, white, bell-shaped flowers. This unique shrub is in the same family as the azaleas for which Unzen is famous, although this particular plant is more closely related to cranberries and blueberries. Like its cousins, in autumn the Sea Bilberry produces dark purple berries that are edible.

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The Unzen Oyama Information Center

Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture  Certification badge

The Unzen Oyama Information Center is a facility that provides a wide range of information about the attractions of Unzen, including natural information, historical introductions, and exhibits on hot springs. We have the latest information to help you enjoy and appreciate Unzen more deeply, so please stop by here when you arrive in Unzen. Let's obtain the necessary information about nature, history, mountain climbing, transportation, and embark on a fun fieldwork. Please be sure to experience and enjoy the deep nature and history of Unzen!

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