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Umikaji Terrace


10 minutes by car from Naha Airport. Senagajima is a small remote island with a circumference of 1.8km that is connected to the main island by a sea road. Umikaji Terrace stands on a site that uses a slope that spreads from the sea to a small hill.

The pure white walls and palm trees dot the resort, which reproduces a fashionable townscape inspired by Italy's Amalfi Coast and Santorini Island in the Aegean Sea.

The shopping area, which underwent a large-scale renovation in 2022, is full of items that are perfect for souvenirs, such as miscellaneous goods that can only be found here and popular sweets. You can also enjoy plenty of local cuisine that makes use of ingredients unique to Okinawa.

In addition, there are many scenic spots unique to the location where you can see the dynamic runway of the airport and the beautiful natural beach "Senaga Beach", and just walking around the city will make your heart happy. Please look for photo spots as well.

If you get a little tired from walking, we recommend the footbath that anyone can use for free. There is also the island's only hotel "Senagajima Hotel" on a high hill, where you can enjoy hot springs and Ryukyu cuisine.

The natural hot spring "Ryujin-no-Yu", which wells up from 1,000 meters underground, is popular for its high heat-retaining and moisturizing effects.

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