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Small Kyoto in Aki with beautiful Tsumairi and row houses

Takehara Townscape Preservation Area

Hiroshima Takehara

The "Takehara Townscape Preservation Area" is a town that still retains its scenery, which is also called Little Kyoto of Aki.

During the Heian period, it prospered as a manor of Kyoto's Shimogamo Shrine, and in the Edo period, it is said that it gained economic power as a salt production area by developing "Hama-style salt fields".

The oldest building was built in 1691, and it is also characterized by the historical changes of the building from the Edo period to the Showa period.

With Hondori as the center, there are many alleyways, such as Ookoji, Itayakoji, and Nakanokoji, where you can feel what life was like back then.

When walking through this townscape, be sure to pay attention to the lattice. You can see various lattices called Mushikamado and Mushamado.

Even today, buildings that retain the traditional architectural style such as Tsumairi and Nagaya are lined up, and in 1982, it was designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

■ Basic information
Name: Takehara Townscape Preservation District
Address: Kamiichi/Shimoichi, Takehara Town, Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Nearest station/IC: JR Kure Line Takehara Station (15 minutes on foot)
Business hours: Walkable anytime
Price: Free walk
Closed: None (Check store opening days)
Parking lot: nearby parking lot available

*Please check the website for detailed information.

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