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The residence of the Yoshikawa family, the lords of Iwakuni.

Iwakuni Castle

Yamaguchi Iwakuni

Iwakuni Castle is a mountain castle built as the residence of the Yoshikawa family, the lords of Iwakuni.

Hiroie Kikkawa was a member of the Mori family that was defeated in the Battle of Sekigahara, and is known as a person who worked hard to keep the Mori family alive.

As the Mori family's territory was drastically reduced, the Yoshikawa family was also transferred from Yonago Castle to Iwakuni in 1601. Yoshikawa, who took office in Iwakuni, began construction of Iwakuni Castle, which took about eight years to complete.

Construction of Iwakuni Castle is said to have proceeded in stages, with a doi built at the foot of the mountain in 1602 as a residence during times of war. Later, in 1608, Yokoyama Castle was built as a wartime castle. Together, these two castles are called "Iwakuni Castle."

A majestic four-story, six-story castle tower has been built in the main enclosure, and the original castle tower has been restored at the top of the mountain. Due to its beauty, in 2006 it was selected as number 74 of Japan's top 100 castles.

Currently, the doi part is maintained as Kikkoen Park, and Kinunkaku and Mizubori remain on the site.

■ Basic information
Name: Iwakuni Castle
Address: Yokoyama, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Nearest station: JR Iwakuni Station (20 minutes by bus)
Business hours: 9:00-16:45
Price: General 270 yen (Children 120 yen)
No regular holiday
Parking: Parking available on site

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