A large rock wall that stretches 2km north and south


Wakayama Shirahama

Southwest Kii Peninsula. Sandanbeki is a 2km long rock wall that stands upright in the sea just south of Shirahama Onsen, and is known as a place of scenic beauty with its sheer cliffs.

There is an observation deck at the tip of the cliff, and you can see the magnificent scenery of Nanki.

It is said that the name Sandanbeki has a certain origin. In the olden days, the place where fishermen watched passing boats and schools of fish was called "midan'' or "watching the platform". From there, it is said that the name was changed to "Midan", which was written as "three steps", and it came to be called Sandanbeki.

This large rock wall stretches 2km from north to south, and you can see the dynamic sight of the Kuroshio current crashing against the rock surface.

Additionally, a cave carved out by the waves has been formed 36 meters underground, and can be viewed by taking an elevator down from the top of the cliff.

There is a 200m exploration trail inside the cave, and there is also a shrine to Benten, who is enshrined with 16 children. During the Heian period, it was also known as a place where ships of the Kumano Navy were hidden, and it is also a place where you can feel the romance of history.

■ Basic information
Name: Sandanbeki
Address: Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
Nearest station: JR Shirahama Station (21 minutes by bus)
Business hours: Open for viewing anytime
Price: Free
No regular holiday
Parking: Parking available on site

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