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A mysterious waterfall reminiscent of an unexplored region

Dankyo Falls

Shimane Okinoshima

Dangyo Falls is a tourist spot that represents Dogo Island, one of the Oki Islands.

It is composed of two waterfalls: Ontaki, which has a height of approximately 45 meters, and Mentaki, which has a height of 35 meters. Ontaki is also known as ``Urami Falls'' because it can be admired from the back side. It is being

This waterfall was formed by the Naku River, which originates from Mt. Yokoo at an altitude of 576m, and is characterized by its location in a mysterious mountain area surrounded by rock walls and greenery that make you think of an unexplored region.

The spring water from the source near the waterfall was recognized as one of the 100 famous waters in 1985 as Dankyo Falls Spring Water.

It has been worshiped by islanders since ancient times, and has been prized as water for longevity, water for victory, and water for fire prevention.

Even today, it is said that those involved in the island's events purify themselves at this waterfall, and it is a sacred waterfall that is deeply connected to the history of the island.

■ Basic information
Name: Dankyo Falls
Address: Naku, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture
Nearest station: Saigo Port (40 minutes by car/use of rental car)
Business hours: You can walk around anytime
Price: Free tour
No regular holiday
Parking: Use nearby parking lots

■ Reference information
<Waterfall drop>
Ontaki: 50m
Female waterfall: 40m

*Please check the website for detailed information.

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