Bizan's famous water was loved by the lord of Tokushima


Tokushima Tokushima

Bizan is said to be the symbol of Tokushima Prefecture. Kinryosui is a spring that gushes out at the foot of the mountain.

This water is unusual in Japan's natural waters, and is rich in minerals, calcium ions, and magnesium ions, and despite these properties, it has a mellow taste.

The richness of this Kinryu water has been known since the Edo period, and it is said that the lord of the Tokushima domain enjoyed drinking this water and even set up a water guardhouse to protect it.

It is also said that people in the Tokushima Castle area purchased this water for drinking, and its value has been recognized since ancient times.

In the 1970s, the water supply was once cut off, but restoration work was carried out by the famous water Awa Kinryu Water Preservation Society, and the famous water began to gush out again. Currently, there is a drinking fountain with a tiled roof, and many people visit in search of the famous water.

In addition, the famous confectionery ``Takino Yakimochi'', made by kneading sticky rice with this delicious water, is sold nearby, and is a popular local specialty.

■ Basic information
Name: Kinryusui
Address: Teramachi, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture
Nearest station: JR Kotoku Line Tokushima Station (12 minutes walk)
Business hours: Available anytime
Price: Free
No regular holiday
Parking: None (use nearby parking lot/charges apply)

*Please check the website for detailed information.

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