Keya's DaimonImage

Impressive, strangely shaped rocks that tower over the Genkai Sea

Keya's Daimon

Fukuoka Itoshima

Keya no Daimon is an impressive, strangely shaped rock towering over the Genkai Sea. The dynamic, strangely shaped rocks are a tourist spot that represents Fukuoka Prefecture, and are also designated as a national natural monument.

Along with Karatsu Nanatsugama in Fukuoka Prefecture and Genbudo in Hyogo Prefecture, it is sometimes called one of Japan's three major Genbudo caves, and the interior of the cave is the largest in Japan at 64m high, 90m deep, and 10m wide.

To see the dynamic appearance of Keya Daimon, we recommend viewing it from the sea. The cave faces the sea, so if you take a pleasure boat, you can see Keya's Daimon from the front. The sight of hexagonal and octagonal columnar rocks is a phenomenon called ``columnar jointing,'' and it's a sight to behold when you see it up close.

This Itoshima area facing the Genkai Sea is famous for its shallow, clear sea. Recently, the area has been developed as a recreational area, and Keya Beach, located near the main gate of Keya, is crowded with many beachgoers in the summer.

■ Basic information
Name: Keya no Daimon
Address: Shimakeya, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Nearest station: JR Chikuzen-Maebaru Station (30 minutes by bus)
Business hours: Open for viewing anytime
Price: Free
No regular holiday
Parking: Parking available in nearby parking lots

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